It´ s all about Faux Fur

Donnerstag, 4. Februar 2016

Hello Goldies, 

I am back…<3

When I saw this faux fur coat in “only” I fell in love with it. There was only one left in my size so I grabbed it as fast as I could. This coat is awesome, because it doesn’t just look stylish, it keeps you warm too. I wear it with black jeans, a crop top and with black boots or heels. My friends and even some teachers from my school call me sometimes Diva. So sad I know -.-. But wearing this coat, you really get that feeling of being a Diva. My friend told me I look like “Cookie”. (Leave a comment down below if you know who I’m talking about.) However, this outfit would look perfect if you combine it with sunglasses and a hat. Normally I am not a faux fur lover, but after spending some time on ‘’we heart it’’ I found numerous inspirations and I started to get obsessed with faux fur pieces. This kind of style is very noticeable but who cares, right? Just be extraordinary and you will be beautiful in your own unique way.

Thanks for reading and see you soon
Till’ next time Goldies!

Photographer : Tanja Sanchioni

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