It's the hot red

Samstag, 26. Mai 2018

Hello everybody

Today I am wearing this red long sleeve dip hem dress. I combined it with strap heels. I normally call them “Gladiator Strap” heels. I am a huge fan of this extraordinary dress. On the one side because of the cutting of this piece and on the other side because of the colour. Red is such an interesting colour. It’s the colour of our blood. It has an empowered attraction towards our eyes. That's the reason why traffic lights are red I guess and stop signs as well. Did you recognize that many important things have red on it? The red carpet, in a Tamil Hindu wedding the bride wears a red saree and our pottu (Bindi) is traditionally also in red. It’s fire and love at the same time. The colour is also strongly linked to desire and attraction. Men are more attracted to women who wear red. It could be that the colour red has a specific meaning in the subconscious mind of men. When the mankind was in the Stone Age men were hunters. It was a man’s responsibility to bring food to the families, so the children and their wives could survive. They killed a lot of animals and had red blood on their hands many times. Maybe the colour of blood was connected with the emotions danger and risk and till this day it triggers unconsciously similar senses. If you see a woman who wears a red dress or even a red lipstick it automatically attracts you because your instinct gets activated. “You need to hunt her.” I am not a scientist who wrote off a theory. Just my thoughts guys…

Have a great weekend and thank you for the reading.