The dance that touches the soul of oneselves

Sonntag, 4. März 2018

The dance that touches the soul of oneselves

I’m learning this beautiful dance form called Bharathanatyam since I’ve been 3 years old. I could never understand or define what Bharathanatyam did to me. Many students of our danceclass told me, that dance helped them escaping from their problems. It was a positive deflection from the real world. They found inner peace and happiness in dance. But for me, dance has never been a diversion. I remember those days where I was so unhappy with my life situation and a dark cloud was around me for weeks and absorbed every positive type of energy impulse from my soul so that I was trapped in my own darkness. I tried to dance a lot in those times but I still couldn’t find a positive path. In the opposite - you could really see the pain in my heart and the tears in my eyes while I was dancing a varnam or worst - a bhavam piece. 

The end of the year 2017 was the period of perceptions. I finally realised what dance meant to me. It doesn’t heal my soul but rather It reflects the inner truth of my spirit. Only when this awareness came up I internally understand the quote 
„Dance is the hidden language of your soul and body.“

Photographer: Rahave Ruthiraswaran

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